Seat & Engine Area
Features & Benefits
Reduces Noise

Reduces heat reaching the passenger seat

CNC Precision cut material for the perfect fit

Simple installation with hand tools

Made of high quality, custom composite

marine grade acoustical foam
Quiet Golf Cart has extensively evaluated acoustic foams to
select the best composition to make your golf cart quieter.       

We manufacture a comprehensive sound insulation package
for the Yamaha G Series Carts, Club Car Precedent & DS
models and YesterYear carts.  These kits are a great way to
increase driving comfort, especially over long  distances.

Each part is precision cut for a perfect fit using state-of-the-art
CNC Water Jet Cutting equipment.  Each piece also comes with
a peel off adhesive backing
300  Degree Heat Resistant
Foam Specifications
Water Resistant
Resistant to Chemicals