Quiet Golf Cart founders have over 30 years of accumulated experience in bringing new products to market.  
Our team has designed, developed, manufactured and provided telemarketing solutions  for numerous products and companies.
Designed and manufactured products for the Super Bowl, Coke, Pepsi, Disney, UPS,
the 1996 and 2000 Olympics, the PGA Tour and numerous Fortune 1000 companies

Provided golf products to the PGA Championship, US Open, PGA and LPGA Tour events,
Celebrity Players Tour and numerous other events and clubs.

Designed, developed and manufactured product sold on QVC Home Shopping Network

Worked with Apple Computer to created Sales & Marketing Seminars for Apple dealers  
specializing in the CAD (computer-aided design) arena.  Dealers received a “How to
Manual” including telemarketing scripts and marketing materials from the course.

Designed, developed and manufactured a record store gift wrap product.
Utilizing inhouse telemarketing program to secure sales in over 3,000 retail record stores.

Founded sales training company that specializes in providing packaged concepts for
companies, including telemarketing scripts, telemarketing training, collateral marking
materials and instruction manuals.
CTA Marketing Group (DBA Quiet Golf Cart) understands the level of service and support
that the best companies in the world expect and we know how to deliver it.  

The quality of our Quiet Golf Cart Program is built around that understanding.  Our program
provides a quality product that is simple to install, cost effective and most importantly
extremely effective in reducing noise and heat in gas golf carts.
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